AngularJS is an open source Model-View-Controller framework. It is probably one of the most renowned web frameworks to date. This framework is used for developing mostly Single Page applications (SPAs). This framework has been developed by a group of developers from Google and it is continuously incorporating the latest development trends in the market.

Being advantageous that it is an open source framework, it leads to the minimal issue of errors. Cumint is sure to satisfy you by delivering the best of our services.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework. It can be added to an HTML page with a script tag and starts automatically when the web page gets loaded.With this, you can extend HTML vocabulary for your application and leads you to the resulting environment which is very animated, efficient and quick to develop.AngularJS is a toolkit for developing the framework which is suitable for the application development which is completely extensible, compatible with other libraries. Connect us, as every possible feature can be modified or replaced, to suit your unique development workflow and feature-rich and powerful AngularJS functionality and ease of use in an affordable package.

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Data Streaming Apps

Angular JS applications developed by Cumint developers consistently furnish the clients with very much impressive data streaming apps.Moreover,the flexible framework of the Angular JS development helps in implementing real time solutions promptly.

CMS Tools

Cumint offers the collaboration of CMS with an Angular JS Web app.This gives the clients the comfort to handle both website and app.

Charts & Graphs

Cumint Designers as well developer knows the real sense of interactive media the always looking forward to serve the best app development solutions in which you can easily integrate the impressive charts & graphs.This can be only possible by using highlight charts,AMcharts and Angular charts.

Our Angular Expertise Includes
  • Mobile Applications
  • CRUD Web Apps
  • AngularJS application Upgradation & maintenance
  • Firebase Powered Apps
  • Application Migration services
  • Testable JS Apps

What Else we can Do

  • Detailed understanding of e-learning projects
  • Construct strategies to best make use of its functionalities
  • Expertise in critical installation, plugins, extensions
  • Information in optimum site layout and specifications
  • Skill to integrate with data storage and external systems
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