Pay Per Click / Adword Services

We provide Pay Per Click / Adword Services

Cumint provides the service of PPC using the Adwords tool which is basically paid when someone taps the ads presented on the screen. PPC is typically used in search engine marketing. The ads are promoted on Google using the tool Adwords and it's eventually a paid advertising model.

PPC is the acronym for pay-per-click. It is a model where each time an ad is clicked the advertisers are paid some amount. Eventually it the way of buying visits. Search engine advertising is the currently popular form of PPC. It is actually the ad popping up in the search engines’ sponsored links where searches on keyword are related to the business offering. Hence we take care of it for advertisers to bid for ad placement in a search engine's sponsored links and it is one of the major roles of digital marketing.

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Our Pay Per Click / Adword Services Services
Setting-up Google Adwords Campaigns

We set-up your Google Adwords account and campaign. we take care of the minutest details in setting up a google adwords account for your company.

Restructure or Manage Existing Google Adwords Campaigns

You may already have a Google Adwords campaign that is not yielding results as per your expectations. Our team will manage your existing campaigns to maximize ROI, reduce spending and increase conversions.

Monitoring and Reporting

We monitor your Google Adwords account to share timely data with you that gives you exact details of impressions, clicks and conversions garnered through the PPC campaigns.

  • Add Long Tail Keywords
  • Target the keywords that have low bids
  • Use Negative Keywords
  • Aim for 3rd or 4th position
  • Focus on the Quality Score

Our Pay/Per Click Adword Expertise Includes

  • Keyword research is a strategic and crucial process to your success
  • Writing better ad copies comes from expertise and experience
  • Efficient tracking setup requires technical expertise
  • Landing page optimization relates a lot to your customers’ psychology
  • Winning campaigns need thorough analysis by an expert
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